Tibco Workshop, Munich 01/03/ – 02/03/2007

Pushing the project “Next Generation easyCredit” by getting used to the CEP platform “Tibco Business Events” (www.tibco.com) was the reason for the workshop in Munich.

Mukesh Gehlot from Tibco/London was the leader of the workshop on the first day.

The team from the University of Applied Sciences of Regensburg/Germany with Wolfgang Kelz/Tibco (right above) and Andreas Sittler/Tibco (right below)

TIBCO BE uses a GUI based Eclipse environment for building applications. Similar to the GUI based approach of StreamBase, each needed component can be dragged and dropped onto the designer worksheet. For example a datasource component can be dragged onto the worksheet and then connected to a process component which was designed before. The configuration of each component then sets up the connection to a database like SQL by defining the connection settings of the datasource component.
As seen on the figure each project should be classified in event definition, rules definition, process definition, datasource/connection definition and so on. Similar to the project structure of a Eclipse project.

Tibco Designer view. By dragging every single component onto the workspace and configuring it, applications can be built very easily.

With TIBCO RTView it is possible to create a visualization of the data. RTView is a very powerful tool. By this, not even data can be displayed in dashboard but even drill down possibilities can be implemented. As seen in the figure below, data can be displayed in graphical objects, as an alert object whenever some thresholds are passed, it can be displayed as data in a table, as an animated bar, and so on.


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