Systar/Claresco Workshop, Großwallstadt 07/03/ – 08/03/2007

Pushing the project “Next Generation easyCredit” by getting used to the CEP platform “BusinessBridge” from Systar (www.systar.fr) was the reason for the workshop with the German distributor Claresco GmbH in Großwallstadt (www.claresco.de).

The team from the University of Applied Sciences of Regensburg/Germany with Roland Heinen/CEO Claresco and Stefan Giegerich/Claresco (left above)

Applications are created in the BusinessBridge. By this a datasource has to be set up first, followed the definition of the relevant values and the rules. After that, the so called Systar own templates (“Expertise Modules”) have to be configured based on the individual project purpose. With this template model Systar enables a very fast setup of a project just by choosing one of the already defined models and derivating of this model for individual configurations. By configuring the .jsp files on the WebSphere Application Server, the display of the data can be modified.

Systar Designer view. By chosing an appropriate "Expertise Module" as a kind of a reference model for a certain BAM view and customizing it an application can be built very fast and easily.

Systar provides about 80 adapters; more than all other platforms evaluated so far. By connecting to the MOM (Message Oriented Middleware) directly, like e.g. MQ Series, Systar circumvents the need for adaptors for special applications.

Data display within web browser. Different roles / deparments have different views on the data.


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