BPM/BAM/CEP/SOA/EDA-Workshop in Ireland (1)

February 15-22, 2008

On February15/08 we started to a 1-week workshop to Ireland.

The team of the University of Applied Sciences of Regensburg: Bernd Gietzelt, Andreas Schindlbeck, Katja Borschert, Matthias Gerl, Florian Priller, Rainer v. Ammon

The aim is to continue the projects started in our course from October 07 to February 08.

On the agenda for this week:

1. Training of the BPM/BAM-implementation of the example process of the Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) on the basis of IBM WID (all)
2. Developing an idea of a master thesis on the basis of WebMethods for Bernd
3. Setting up a project idea on the basis of BEA event server for the automotive domain as a monitoring application of production logistics
4. Final improvements of the thesis of Christoph Emmersberger and Florian Springer

This seems enough for a week:-) Today we started with point 1 and discussed some approaches how to start such a project:

First approach could be to start on the basis of the delivered business process documentation and to prepare the implementation of the process in WID.

The figure shows the business process model with all our inserted comments which have to be discussed with the process owner and the specialists of the operating and IT-departments.

After that we would have to make an appointment with the process owner and other persons of the operating department who had to deliver the needed information. This would take some time to get an appointment with the appropriate employees.

As we already learned in the course and from the expert meeting, we have to expect that the current process of “depot account opening” – as practiced in the daily reality – will more or less heavily differ from the documentation and of course would not meet the expectations of the future, redesigned BPM-based business process. Furthermore, we will need the right persons from the IT department as well, to insert the (SOA-) services, to model and implement the compensations and exceptions and so on – i.e. all the details which could not be known by the operating department.

So, the question will be if the prepared process implementation will facilitate the – expensive - session at the customer together with these employees – or even vice versa, the remodelling of the implemented process model could be so much time consuming and the handling in the WID platform might be too complicated so that the session with the persons of the operating and IT departments could not take place in an acceptable manner.

At the first day, we distributed the roles of a moderator, a WID specialist, the process owner, two specialists for the special business process, and two specialists for the needed IT services and how to react on compensations and exceptions. That way would be a typical session in the future of implementing BPM-projects. We played this situation to find out whether this procedure would work.

The result was that such a prepared session helps the discussion between all participants very much. We guess that the remodelling of the process could be realized in a single morning session of around two hours. Now, during the “imaginated” bank employees are going to have lunch, we’ll import the model in the BPM platform of WID in the meantime for inserting all the partnerlinks, peoplelinks and the technical details needed for the deployment of the business process. Let’s see what happens until the colleagues of the banks will be back from lunch…

The aim of this whole day is to realize a working and deployed prototype until the end of the simulated afternoon session, discussed and released by the process owner and other bank employees. That would be the basis for the next step “preparing the BAM views and implementing the (Key) Performance Indicators”.

View from the meeting room

Reasoning about Key Performance Indicators

Pictures taken by Katja Borschert, Matthias Gerl, Andreas Schindlbeck, Florian Priller and Bernd Gietzelt

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