News from May 28, 2014

Since November 2012 I am the care giver of my mother. In May 2014, I decided to close the CITT.
News from July 22, 2013

U-CEP based Industry 4.0 get-together booth at the ICT2013

Just arrived from the European Commission: This is our networking get-together booth at the European ICT2013, on 6-8 November 2013
News from April 23, 2013

Networking session “Industry 4.0 and Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing”

Submission of the Networking session:
Industry 4.0 and Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing”

We submitted a session to
2013: Create, Connect, Grow
2013-11-06 to 2013-11-08, Vilnius
News from March 28, 2013

uCepCortex Special Session accepted for BICS, Beijing China

Just arrived from the BICS organisator Eric Cambria:
"You'll be happy to know that your BICS special session has been accepted..."
International Conference on Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems
Beijing (Peking China), June 9 -11, 2013
uCepCortex special session submission...
News from January 25, 2013

Conceptual and Mathematical Foundations of Embodied Intelligence

Conference at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences,
Leipzig, 27 Feb - 1 Mar 2013
The program of the upcoming workshop is now available.
At least Andree Ehresmann, Albert Fleischmann and Rainer von Ammon from our uCepCortex consortium will participate. The workshop is especially related to our mathematical work package/task of uCepCortex. Andree will present a poster.
News from December 21, 2012

Special Session at BICS 2013, Beijing

Submission of a special session
"Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing in Exocortex

International Conference on Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems
Beijing (Peking China), June 9-11, 2013
News from November 8, 2012

uCepCortex f2f meeting in Frankfurt, 6 November 2012

We had a very fruitful f2f meeting with Atta Badii from University of Reading (UK). Atta is now responsible for leading the robotics workpackage of our uCepCortex project..
News from November 1, 2012

uCepCortex f2f meeting in Athens, 29 -31 October 2012

The f2f meeting in Athens 29 -31 October 2012 at Intracom Telecom was a great success.
News from September 28, 2012

ICT Proposers' Day 2012, 26-27 September, Warsaw

We presented the enhanced version of uCepCortex 2G which we have discussed with the old and the new potential partners at the Proposers' Day in Warsaw, 26-27 September, 2012:"

What's new in 2G: U-CEP in Exocortex Applications
News from July 2, 2012

EUCog: Application for membership decision

Just arrived from European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics: "The EUCog network partners involved have voted, after an investigation of your application material and we are glad to inform you that we accept your application. Welcome to the EUCog network!"

News from April 19, 2012

Submission of EU project proposal

Now we have really submitted a proposal uCepCortex, reaching the deadline 17 Apr 2012, 5 pm CET!
We will report a bit later about the idea "Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing in Exocortex Applications"
News from February 19, 2012

Results of the pre-proposal checks

Last Friday we received the pre-check feedbacks. What we wanted to show with the pre-checks is that an U-CEP based proposal idea would have a real chance:
News from January 20, 2012

Conjoint Workshop "BioMedCEP"

Bringing together research communities and developing a transdisciplinary research strategy
April 2012, Fuerberg am Wolfgangsee, Austria
News from December 8, 2011

Event-Driven BPM at SOA Days 2012

Event-Driven Business Process Management at SOA Days 2012, March 27-28, Bonn Germany:
News from November 6, 2011

Planning a BioMedCEP project proposal

There is a big interest already:
News from September 26, 2011

2nd revised tentative agenda of edBPM/U-CEP workshop

Some of us suggested in the last days to concentrate on a special focus this time:
News from August 24, 2011

Some more about Human Enhancement Technologies and U-CEP

This was the subject of the visit at the Madison University / TCNL

"How to map additional event types to the brain and why actually?"
News from July 30, 2011

The whole edBPM story until now

This is the link where we discuss the start and the state of edBPM until today and in the future

"What actually means Event-driven Business Process Management"
News from June 30, 2011

Notification of acceptance for the 4th ServiceWave'11 in Oct 2011

Our 4th workshop "From Event-driven Business Process Management (edBPM) to Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing (U-CEP)" is now accepted

News from May 26, 2011

edBPM in the Gartner Hype Cycle for BPM 2010

"Event-driven Business Process Management" (edBPM) is now included in the Gartner hype cycle since 2010:-)

Hype Cycle for Business Process Management, 2010
David W. McCoy, Michele Cantara
Gartner Research, 27 July 2010

News from April 26, 2011

NanoBioNet-conference September 2011 in Saarbrucken, Germany and U-CEP: Does High-Tech make the people better?

News from April 10, 2011

Life extension and the role of U-CEP: A process called acetylation regulates the maintenance of our DNA

News from March 18, 2011

Monitoring of biomarkers, and release therapeutics when needed

News from March 14, 2011

edBPM jobs for Deutsche Telekom / CITT

News from March 11, 2011

Swarms of coordinated and distributed micro-robots and U-CEP

News from March 6, 2011

Beijing - Big Brother and the other side of Ubiquitous CEP

News from March 3, 2011

U-CEP and Wearable Technologies - Body Area Network built...

News from February 28, 2011

Epigenetics, BioMed Town, VPH FET, and U-CEP

News from February 23, 2011

Competition: Which technology will have the biggest impact?

News from February 17, 2011

U-CEP submission to the next 4th ServiceWave'11 in Oct 2011

News from February 3, 2011

Beware the Splash Crash - Another scenario for a FET flagship "Living Earth Simulator"

News from February 3, 2011

Would a Cyborg do HFT or AlgoTrading?

News from February 2, 2011

Mickey Mouse Worlds versus Living Earth Simulator - Taking the example of climate models and U-CEP

News from January 13, 2011

EMILI - Emergency Management in Large Infrastructures

News from January 13, 2011

SOCIONICAL - event-based transportation and emergency

News from January 13, 2011

Medical Ecosystem Personalized Event-Based Surveillance

News from January 8, 2011

BrainScaleS - first Brain Research flagship project started

News from January 6, 2011

INBIOSA - U-CEP related project started in the domain of Integral Biomathics

News from January 3, 2011

Earth project aims to ‘simulate everything’

News from January 2, 2011

Venture Capital for U-CEP startups?

News from December 21, 2010

Workshop "From edBPM to U-CEP" - at ServiceWave/FIA Ghent, 13 Dec 2010

Some impressions can be found here:
Pictures and downloads...
News from November 27, 2010

"How to teach U-CEP"

One of the topics at the workshop "From edBPM to U-CEP" - at ServiceWave/FIA Ghent, 13 Dec 2010 will also deal with the question of "How to teach U-CEP". Some ideas can be found here:

How to teach U-CEP
News from November 26, 2010

Draft documentation of Workshop "From edBPM to U-CEP" - at ServiceWave/FIA Ghent, 13 Dec 201

You can download a first draft of our workshop documentation or the later proceedings volume which contains all materials we have so far.

Draft documentation
News from November 14, 2010

FET Conference "Science beyond Fiction", in Budapest on 4-6 May 2011

The FET Conference is the European forum dedicated to frontier research in future and emerging information technologies. Following the very successful FET09 event in Prague, the European Commission is pleased to announce that the next FET Conference will take place in Budapest on 4-6 May 2011, under the auspices of the Hungarian Presidency of the European Union.

FET11 will display "Science beyond fiction" with an impressive list of keynote speakers, scientific sessions and futuristic exhibition booths, covering a broad range of scientific fields and future information and communication technologies. Call for sessions, exhibition and posters will soon be released on the conference web: www.fet11.eu
We will contribute with our ideas and results of the Ghent workshop.
News from November 11, 2010

Agenda for Workshop "From edBPM to U-CEP" - at ServiceWave/FIA Ghent, 13 Dec 2010

In the meantime, we have a quite stable agenda for our workhop:
Agenda, including Papers, Extended Abstracts and Participants
News from September 29, 2010

U-CEP based pilot project - proposal for European FET-F

Along with the deadline of 15 September 2010, we submitted an sketch of an U-CEP pilot project as a preparatory action of the European Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship Initiative:
U-CEP based pilot project - proposal for European FET-F

The submitted pilot descriptions and other FET actions will be discussed at the Infoday of the European Commission/FET-Procative Team 30 Sept 2010 in Brussels:
Infoday of the European Commission/FET-Procative
News from September 12, 2010

Call for Papers and Participation / Workshop "From edBPM to U-CEP"

Call for Papers, Extended Abstracts and Participation

This workshop really means "to work", not Death by Powerpoint Presentations. We actually don't believe that there will be submitted specific full papers before the workshop event. The main reason will be that the subjects are too new in order to have many already prepared papers. Therefore we are interested in extended abstracts and sketches of future and visionary edBPM/U-CEP ideas which will be discussed and developed together in the manner of a lively World Cafe. On this basis, we'll write the papers after the workshop.
News from September 4, 2010

Workshop "From Event-Driven Business Process Management to Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing" accepted

Just arrived: "We are happy to inform you that your workshop proposal "From Event-Driven Business Process Management to Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing" has been accepted for inclusion in the Workshop Day at ServiceWave 2010 (13th December 2010)..."


The official publication of the workshop and the CfP will follow as soon as possible.
News from September 3, 2010

Germany's ICT founders competition reopened - submission deadline 30 Nov 2010

It was already the founding idea of the CITT "From student to entrepreneur" October 2005, based on a salade of acronyms like CEP, BPM, BAM, SOA, EDA, SaaS, Grid- and Cloud Computing in order to introduce and substantiate a new acronym edBPM. In the meantime it's actually commodity, although even BPM and CEP are still in the beginning of an industrial adoption.

Nonetheless, it might be a good time to start new enterprises based on the U-CEP ideas?

It's not so easy to be an entrepreneur, you must have a vision and you must be a bit crazy to spend your private money if you have any at all. But if you're young and are just starting your career, it could make much more fun than to gray as an employee of a Big Dog:-) Also the Government and the European Commission believe that the innovative ideas would substantially come from the SME's, although when they will perhaps be eaten by the Big Dogs later, as an innovative delicacy, and perhaps you will become rich and fly your private learjet or so, if you need this...
News from September 1, 2010

Some project ideas until deadlines of January 2011

Presently we've started a discussion and the planning of possible project submissions e.g. in several blogs of our CITT partners. There are some ideas about what we could do together, for instance:

Here you can always find the current state of the planning, comments welcome:
Project ideas and funding ressources
News from August 5, 2010

Canadian-European BPM Education Network


The aim of this now approved project is to delevop a Canadian-European BPM Education Network. Project timeframe is from September 2010 to September 2013.
News from August 2, 2010

2010 Call for proposals: EACEA/22/10


We suggest a cooperation with Israel, e.g. Haifa Technion and University of Marburg, based on Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing (U-CEP) and an according Master or PhD double degree. Europe urgently needs skilled people for the Future and Emerging Technologies according to the ISTAG Recommendations (see News below).
News from July 29, 2010

3rd WS on Multimodal Interaction f. Automotive Appl. (MIAA) in conj. with ACM IUI

After 2009 and 2010, the 3rd Workshop on Mulitmodal Interaction for Automototive Applications (MIAA) is organized in conjunction with ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI), which is held in February 2011 in Palo Alto, CA.

Here's a link to last year's workshop description where you can find more information:


We suggested to contribute with a project about SmartNavigation/IntelligentCar based on Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing (U-CEP).
News from July 28, 2010

ServiceWave 2010, 13-15 Dec, Ghent - Extended Deadlines

Due to multiple requests the submission deadline for papers and workshop proposals for ServiceWave 2010 has been extended: workshop proposals on the 6th of August.
After 1st ServiceWave 2008 in Madrid and 2nd ServiceWave 2009 in Stockholm, we will submit a 3rd edBPM-workshop with the title "From Event-Driven Business Process Management to Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing".
News from July 9, 2010

Proposal for a new Master Course of Study "Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing"

In connection with the Science & Policy Forum on FET Flagships' Workshop, Brussels June 9-10, 2010 the Commission told that they are looking for new Courses of Study.
We are also asked by a publisher to write a textbook and this is a first outline of a new Master Course of Study:
Book-Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing.pdf
News from May 26, 2010

2nd CEP Dagstuhl seminar, May 16-21, 2010

Here is the summary of the seminar.
Summary from the blog of Opher Etzion
You can also find a picture of the "heavy weights"
of the 47 attendess:-)
Class picture
In connection with topic 5 of the Dagstuhl agenda we discussed the "Ubiquitous CEP" flagship proposal and a complex, confederated proposal idea we will present at the FET Flagships' Workshop, Brussels June 9-10, 2010. U-CEP is now published on David Luckham's Complexevents-portal:
U-CEP - sketch of a FET flagship proposal
News from April 26, 2010

Science & Policy Forum on FET Flagships' Workshop, Brussels June 9-10, 2010

Two or three "Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)" initiatives will be identified.
Each flagship should be financed by 100 million € per year for 10 years.
We submitted a flagship proposal Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing (U-CEP).
Proposal Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing (U-CEP)
Presentation Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing (U-CEP)
The presentation is restricted to six slides by the Commission. According to the mentioned agenda of the workshop, the presentation should show potential cooperations with other proposals and international partners, if needed.
A cooperation between some flagship ideas is intended.
Agenda of the Brussels workshop
News from April 8, 2010

10th edBPM Expert Meeting, Regensburg April 23-24, 2010

Because Opher Etzion/IBM HRL will travelling through Europe and will visit Regensburg, we organize the next expert meeting in order to prepare the upcoming CEP-Dagstuhl seminar May 16-21. We discuss the role and the positioning of Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing (U-CEP) in the "European Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)-Flagship Initiative 2020 and Beyond" as well as the positioning of U-CEP in the "European Future Internet Initiative". We will also discuss the tutorial of the EPTS-Working Group "Measuring Business Value of CEP and edBPM" at the DEBS’10 Cambridge July 12-15.

News from March 26, 2010

BITKOM AK SOA-Technologies, Frankfurt April 15, 2010

The event is for the preparing of the SOA-Forum 2010.
We will contribute with a talk about "Event-driven Business Process Management - a new discipline?"
News from March 16, 2010

Acceptance of tutorial about CEP-Business Value for DEBS'10 / Cambridge July 12-15, 2010

On 16 March 2010, the submission of the tutorial was accepted.
Since February 2010, the special Working Group "Measuring of Business Value of CEP-applications" was agreed by the EPTS-steering committee:
Website of the WGBV
News from February 10, 2010

Zurich - FET-Flagship Initiative workshop on February 15-17

A flagship in the field of "Computational Socionomics" for the "Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)" initiatives will be defined.
This is the presentation of the CITT-proposal so far:
We will enhance or change the draft version according to the feedback and the cognitions from the Zurich workshop.
Some pictures...
News from January 27, 2010

CITT validated as SME

On Friday January 22, 2010, European Commission informed us that CITT has been validated under the 7th Framework programme as an SME (Small Medium Enterprise) according to the guidelines of the Commission.
News from January 8, 2010

Future Internet Assembly (FIA), Valencia, 14th-16th of April

There is a call for ideas for the next FIA: Agenda FIA Valencia

"If anyone has an interest in contributing to any of the currently outlined sessions and in particular to the 'Architecture Session' for the FIA Valencia please let me know a.s.a.p.There will be a meeting for caretakers on 22nd January in Brussels where it is expected that the agenda to be finalised." (Alex Galis 5th of Jan)

We have suggested our ideas for this agenda centered around "Beyond Simple CEP/ed(B)PM" as a horizontal, cross-sectional ICT.
Draft - Beyond Simple CEP/ed(B)PM
News from January 6, 2010


Two or three "Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)" initiatives will be identified.
Each flagship will be financed by 100 million € per year for 10 years.
We can submit a proposal-outline until 13th of January via the form under

There you can find some links to the topics to be addressed.
Some partners of our project proposal consortia will submit some ideas for theses topics centered around "Beyond Simple CEP/ed(B)PM" as a horizontal, cross-sectional ICT. We are working on a draft, also in connection with some ideas for the 2nd CEP Dagstuhl seminar in May 2010 and with a new University course:
Draft - Beyond Simple CEP/ed(B)PM
News from December 3, 2009

ReFLEX - Reinforcing FLEXibility of SMEs by using dynamic business process management

Call FP7-SME-2010-1, closed 3rd of Dec

A proposal was submitted together with FZI Karlsruhe as coordinator, ICCS Greece, MASFAK Serbia, GP Investments Serbia, VAJOMAG Macedonia
News from November 29, 2009

eLearning Africa 2010

May 26-28, 2010, Lusaka, Zambia

eLearning Africa is a conference that focuses on information and communication technologies (ICTs) for development, education and training in Africa. Serving as a pan-African platform, eLearning Africa links a network of decision makers from governments and administrations with universities, schools, governmental and private training providers, industry and important partners in development cooperation. Conference languages are English and French. The event will be accompanied by an exhibition.

We submit a halfday workshop and a presentation about CloudBox edBPM
1) What is edBPM and why it is needed for the Future Internet of Things and Services
2) Some hands-on with an edBPM-platform in order to illustrate what it means and which skills are needed in the future
3) The CloudBox approach - based on Technology Enhanced Learning - and its special perspective for Africa
News from November 27, 2009

DEBS 2010 - 4th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS)

King's College, Cambridge, UK
July 12-15, 2010

The 4th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS) builds on the success of first three editions from 2007. DEBS Conference success is rooted in five editions of the DEBS workshops held from 2002 to 2006 in companion with major conferences such as ICDCS, ICSE, and SIGMOD/PODS. The conference has received full ACM sponsorship since 2009.
The objectives of the DEBS Conference are to provide a forum dedicated to the dissemination of original research, the discussion of practical insights, and the reporting on relevant experience relating to event-based computing that was previously scattered across several scientific and professional communities. The conference also aims at providing a forum for academia and industry to exchange ideas, for example, through industry papers and demo papers.

We submit a tutorial "Business Value CEP/edBPM", a contribution of the EPTS Working Group WGBV.
News from October 29, 2009

9th Expert Meeting Event-Driven Business Process Management (ED-BPM)

Runtinger Säle, Regensburg
December 7-8, 2009

Pictures and downloads...
News from October 11, 2009

EASSy-project proposal for FP7/call 5, objective 1.2b got status "NESSI Strategic Project", October 8, 2009

NESSI is the Networked European Software and Services Initiative. NESSI has running some projects in FP7. In this context the EASSy proposal was evaluated as a NESSI Strategic Project. The presentation was evaluated as "excellent".
News from September 26, 2009

2nd workshop "Event-Driven Business Process Management" at the Nessi ServiceWave 2009, Stockholm/Sweden, November 24-27

In continuation of our first edBPM workshop at the ServiceWave 2008 in Madrid December 2008, the second workshop is accepted for the next ServiceWave 2009, co-located with the ICSOC:
This workshop presents the challenges in realizing Event-Driven BPM and describe a conceptual reference model and a reference architecture for it. This workshop will also address the integration of Complex Events, the current and future movement on edBPM-related standards (including hands-on examples and first prototypes), and the challenges of dynamically starting, stopping, terminating or changing Internet services driven by events. We will discuss our "Basic concepts and objectives of Event-driven Adaptiveness of Service-based Systems (EASSy)".
We will also present the objectives of our use cases from different application domains like SmartNavigation, SmartCity, SmartLogistics, SmartTransportation, SmartHealthcare etc. and the interdependencies of the domains and their use cases.

And we will also present and discuss a Technology-Enhanced-Learning-approach for teaching/training edBPM worldwide. The approach aims to implement a *distributed curricular learning community* centered around so called *CloudBoxes* aka "Experiential Simulation sandbox hosted on cloud computing resources". Centered around an *interdisciplinary, fast moving field of research and business application* (like Event-driven Business Process Management) it creates an „opportunity/learning cloud“ for people to engage in different ways:

* formal tertiary education (paid by learner): pre-selected modules ("learning sets") for different master level courses with diploma
* on-demand education (paid by learner or employer): engage only in the modules you are interested in, get certificate on the level you need – there should be at least 3 levels of expertise to reach in a module (basic, intermediate, expert or something like this – comparable to the EU competence frameworks A2, B2, C1 and maybe C2)
* customer education (paid by product company – marketing/sales costs): get free access to one module to experience the product and get trained – pre- or post-sales.

News from September 25, 2009

Panel discussion "Reaching out - Event Processing and Business Process Management", Trento/Italy, September 21-23

The panel took place at the 5th EPTS symposion September:
more from Paul Vincent's Tibco Blog...
more about the EPTS-symposion from Opher Etzion's Blog...
News from August 17, 2009

Preassessment Meeting of EU-project proposal Cloudbox in Luxembourg August 11, 2009

"CloudBox" as a curricular learning community in the new field of edBPM merging tertiary, on-demand and customer education is a project proposal for FP7, call 5, objective 4.2 (Technology Enhanced Learning), challenge "Linking individual and organisatorial learning".
Questions of the preassessment meeting were the discussion about the contents, the project type IP or STREP and the project consortium.
News from July 27, 2009

The 5th EPTS event processing symposium - September 21-23, 2009

The 5th EPTS Event Processing Symposium takes place in the conference room of the Faculty of Economics. The location is in downtown Trento, at walking distance from Piazza Duomo (1min), as well from the train station (10min) and most of the hotels.

Facoltà di Economia
via Inama 5, I-38122 Trento
tel. +39 0461 882100

Attention: Participants can also access the conference hall directly from Via Antonio Rosmini 48.
Website: http://events.unitn.it/en/eps09/venue
News from July 26, 2009

XING-Treffen IT-Management - September 10, 2009
"Alte Messe" auf der Theresienhoehe, Munich, starting from 6:30 pm.

CITT will talk about
"Neues Paradigma in der IT: Complex Event Processing und Event-Driven Business Process Management"
Agenda ...
News from July 12, 2009

Alumni-meeting of the 1st generation of the 80s

This year, the inventors of a User Interface Management System for X-Windows, Motif, MS-Windows, Presentation Manager/OS/2, C-tools and CAD/CAM CNC-programming platforms met again.
News from June 16, 2009

Ideas about use cases for CEP respectively edBPM

At present, we are looking for appropriate use cases for our project proposal for the 7th European Framework Programme about Future Internet of Things and Services, based on Complex Event Processing or Event-Driven (Business) Process Management.
We can submit such a project proposal in different kinds, as a smaller STREP (Specific Targeted Research Project) or a larger IP (Integrated Project). Our potential consortium believes that the proposal is comprehensive enough to get submitted as an IP although we have learned from some events of the European Commission that “… an IP must change the world”.
News from May 28, 2009

Zweites BITKOM Anwender-Forum SOA

Reifegrad, Wirtschaftlichkeit und Zukunft Serviceorientierter Architekturen
Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009
Hotel Mövenpick, Frankfurt am Main
Rainer v. Ammon (CITT), Christoph Emmersberger (Senacor), Rainer Miethig (CACEIS), Bernhard Seeger (RTM)
"Event-Driven BPM and its Practical Application - Taking the Example of DHL, Teambank and CACEIS Bank Deutschland"
News from May 20, 2009

Preassessment Meeting of EU-project proposal EASSy in Brussels May 26-27, 2009

May 26-27, 2009. Location: SAP, Brussels office
The core team consists of IBM, FZI Karlsruhe, SAP and CITT so far. On 27th of May, the core team had a meeting with members of the European Commission.
News from March 27, 2009

IBM Haifa Research Labs has taken the coordinator role of EU-project proposal edBPM/DoReMoPat

IBM Haifa Research Labs has taken the coordinator role on 21st of March after our visit at Haifa. IBM or SAP were also the suggestions of our potential or already committed consortium partners and it was also the opinion of some evaluators or experienced attendees at the EU-events of ServiceWave08/Madrid, SSOKU09/Brussels and Proposers Day 09/Budapest. So, there is still a lot to do, but to find the right partner for the coordinator role was a very important step. And IBM HRL is not a new partner, but we are working together since the start of CITT in 2005 when Professor David Luckham made the contact to Dr. Opher Etzion/IBM HRL when we visited Stanford University for a first workshop with David. Opher then suggested a CEP/BPM-panel at the 1st CEP-symposium in March 2006 and asked me to chair the panel. This actually was the start of our edBPM-idea which we then continually developed as a new discipline of Event-Driven Business Process Management as an enhancement of BPM by the new concepts of especially Service Oriented Architecture, Event Driven Architecture, Software as a Service, Business Activity Monitoring and Complex Event Processing.
News from March 10, 2009

Business Process Management Conference 2009
Conference: 7-10 September 2009, Ulm/Germany

BPM 2009 is the seventh conference in a series that provides the most distinguished specialized forum for researchers and practitioners in business process management (BPM). The conference has a record of attracting innovative research of highest quality related to all aspects of business process management including theory, frameworks, methods, techniques, architectures, and empirical findings.

One of the 8 workshops is
the 2nd International Workshop on Event-Driven Business Process Management (edBPM'09)
Submission deadline of the Call for Papers 7 May 2009
News from March 5, 2009

Meeting CITT / IBM Research Labs Haifa / Technion University
February 27 - March 4, 2009 in Israel/Haifa

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the role of IBM in the EU-project proposal EDBPM/DoReMoPat. Furthermore, the submission of the proposed international Master course of study EDBPM was discussed with the Technion University, the Haifa University and the Ben Gurion University in Jerusalem. Also Rainer v. Ammon was invited for the Master examination of Alex Kofman at the Technion University where he was a referee.

Abstract of our presentation at IBM Haifa Labs
News from February 22, 2009

2nd Dagstuhl Seminar "Event Processing" May 16-20, 2010

Dagstuhl seminars, as many of you probably know, are very prestige, in the fact that a collection of people the are considered the top experts in a certain area are meeting in Schloss Dagstuhl, a relatively isolated castle in south west Germany, for four and half days to discuss the future and grand challenges of a certain area. There is a keen competition on slot in Dagstuhl. In May 2007, the first Dagstuhl seminar on event processing has been conducted, it was organized by two distinguished members of our community - Professor Mani Chandy and Dr. Rainer von Ammon, and myself. It has a strong participation from industry (actually - a record high for Dagstuhl) along with academic people. The results of that seminar was to determine the research challenges in that area. The same organizing team has applied for a second Dagstuhl seminar, and I am glad to tell you that our proposal has been accepted. This is a vote of confidence about the importance of this area to the larger computing community.

The way it was described in the proposal is, as follows:

The Dagstuhl seminar should be future looking. We hope to have a significant participation of industry participants (vendors, customers, analysts) in addition to academic people, in order to focus on macro level topics. Since the event processing as a discipline is relatively young, there is still work to shape it and determine:
o What are the current trends
o What are the big challenges
o What the research community should do in order to advance the area
o What are the boundaries and synergies with other areas
o What are the truly fundamental issues? Is there a theory of event processing? If so, how is it related to other theories and other fundamental concepts? What are the similarities in event processing in diverse areas such as discrete event simulation, graphic programming, concurrent computing, databases, sensor fusion, pub/sub system, parallel computing and others.

The end result should get us closer to the "event processing manifesto" defining the area, which will answer these questions.

The aim is to influence the direction in the future generations of products as well as the research agenda. The reports of the 2009 EPTS working groups will serve as an input for the seminar discussions. The seminar will be affiliated with EPTS.

Participation is by invitation only, and the list of invitees is carefully prepared in order to be able to achieve the seminar's goals.

We would like to maintain (and even increase) the level of participation from industry, and would like to solicit nominations for participation from EPTS members. If you are interested to participate or nominate any person from your company, please let us know (please add a short Bio).

Opher Etzion (OPHER(at)il.ibm.com)

News from January 06, 2009

3rd ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-based Systems (DEBS 2009)
July 6-9, 2009,
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA

Sponshorship: ACM SIGSOFT and SIGMOD

Abstract submission: February 23, 2009
Paper submission: March 2, 2009
The DoReMoPat-consortium will also meet to work on the EU project proposal.


News from January 06, 2009

AAAI 2009 Spring Symposium Series
March 23–25, 2009 at Stanford University

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with Stanford University’s Department of Computer Science, is pleased to present the 2009 Spring Symposium Series. One of the symposia is dedicated to "Intelligent Event Processing"

The DoReMoPat-consortium will also meet to work on the EU project proposal


News from January 06, 2009

FP7-ICT Proposers' Day 2009
22 January 2009, Budapest, Hungary

Organised by The European Commission's Information Society and Media Directorate-General, in cooperation with the Hungarian National Office for Research and Technology

Members of our DoReMoPat-project proposal will also attend.


News from December 29, 2008

SSOKU 2009 - 1st European Conference on Software Services and SOKU technologies
13-14 January 2009 - Diamant Conference Center, Brussels, Belgium

This conference, jointly organised by the projects 3S and CHALLENGERS, will set the foundation for an annual European Summit on Software Services and Service Oriented Knowledge Utilities technologies. More than 200 experts, including high level researchers, top industrial and political representatives from the European Commission and from national authorities, will come together for two days, to discuss the future of Grids & Software and Service oriented Architectures.

Registration deadline for papers Jan 07, 2009
Our DoReMoPat-consortium will also attend as one of the exhibitors
News from October 14, 2008

ServiceWave 2008
"Future of the Internet of Services"
Madrid/Spain, December 10 - 13, 2008

Our workshop submission about:
Event-Driven Business Process Management...

News from October 14, 2008

8th Expert Meeting Event-Driven Business Process Management (ED-BPM)

Runtinger Säle, Regensburg
December 8-10, 2008

Final agenda
In the morning sessions of the first day, the DoReMoPat-consortium will meet again to work on the EU project proposal but sessions will be open for everybody

News from October 2, 2008

7th IIR-Forum "Business Process Management"
October 7 - 8, 2008
Hilton Hotel Mainz/Germany

Our presentation about:

Event-Driven Business Process Management - Taking the Example of Hamburger Sparkasse

News from September 3, 2008

News from September 19, 2008

Teaching Event Processing
Presentation of a proposal for a new Master course of study
"Event-Driven Business Process Management"

Draft version...
Discussion with the members of the Event Processing Technical Society EPTS at the Event Processing Symposium
September 17 - 19, 2008
Stamford, CT, USA

News from August 1, 2008

Annual EPTS Event Processing Symposium
co-located with the Gartner Event Processing Summit

September 17 - 19, 2008
Stamford, CT, USA
Videos of the presentations...

News from July 14, 2008

Focus Group for EuroPLoP 2008
“Domain-specific Complex Event and Rule Patterns”

July 9 - 13, 2008
Irsee Monastery, Bavaria, Germany

Agenda for the focus group...
Working on the EU project proposal DoReMoPat…

News from July 5, 2008

DEBS 2008
2nd International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems

July 1 - 4, 2008
Rome, Italy


News from June 1, 2008

Back from U.S.

Christoph Emmersberger and Florian Springer have finished their theses at Oracle Redwood Shores


News from February 23, 2008

BPM/BAM/CEP/SOA/EDA-Workshop in Ireland

February 15-22, 2008

Part 1...
Part 2...
Part 3...

News from January 15, 2008

Fachtagung "6. Expertengespräch BPM/BAM/CEP/SOA/EDA"

Runtinger Säle, Regensburg
14./15. Januar 2008

Agenda as .doc file...

News from October 21, 2007

Vortrag zum Thema Oracle BPEL, BAM und CEP sowie SOPWARE der deutschen Post
25.10.2007, 15:15-15:45, FH Regensburg, Raum U213

Im Rahmen ihrer Diplomarbeit stellen die beiden Mitarbeiter des CITT Florian Springer und Christoph Emmersberger in einer Kurzpräsentation die Technologien Oracle BPEL, BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) und CEP (Complex Event Processing) sowie SOPWARE, das OpenSource SOA Framework der Deutschen Post an der Fachhochschule Regensburg vor.

Die beiden Diplomanden sind seit 01.09.2007 mit ihrer Diplomarbeit beschäftigt, die sie zum Teil auch bei Oracle in Redwood Shores / Kalifornien mitten in der Entwicklungsabteilung der CEP Plattform unter der Leitung von Shailandra Mishra anfertigen.


News from October 10, 2007

Industrie-Partner der FH Regensburg und des CITT stellen Projektaufgaben aus dem "realen BPM-Leben" vor
12. Oktober 2007


News from October 9, 2007

IBM Workshop Websphere Modeler/Choreographer/Business Monitor bei IBM Böblingen
10. Oktober 2007


News from July 25, 2007

Drittes internationales Symposium über Complex Event Processing und Business Activity Monitoring

"The third Event Processing symposium is scheduled to take place together with the Gartner Event Processing Summit, Orlando, Florida, September 18th - 21th, 2007."

Agenda of the CEP-symposium will follow
more about the Gartner Summit...
Teilnahme am dritten CEP Symposium ist - wie immer - begrenzt und erfolgt auf Einladung.

News from June 8, 2007

Fachtagung "5. Expertengespräch BPM/BAM/CEP/SOA/EDA"

Runtinger Säle, Regensburg
25./26. Juni 2007

downloads of the presentations...

News from March 18, 2006

The Second International Workshop on
Event-driven Architecture, Processing and Systems (EDA-PS’07)

In conjunction with VLDB 2007,
September 23-28 2007
Vienna University of Technology, Austria


News from November 28, 2006

DEBS 2007

Inaugural Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems, June 20th – 22th, Toronto
Paper Submission March 14, 2007

News from November 26, 2006

Dagstuhl Seminar "Event Processing" 6-11 Mai 2007


News from May 9, 2007

Relationship Marketing Segeltörn ehemaliger Mummerts & Partner

Pfingsten 2007


News from March 9, 2007

7/3/07 - 8/3/07, Großwallstadt


News from March 4, 2007

1/3/07 - 2/3/07, Munich


News from February 19, 2007

February 12/2/07 - 14/2/07, London, Leathermarket


News from February 12, 2007

First Conjoint Course "Event Processing"
between University and
University of Applied Sciences of Regensburg
March - July 2007


News from January 16, 2007

Master Thesis-Workshop
December 27/06 - January 7/07, Union Hall/Ireland


News from November 24, 2006

Fachtagung "4. Expertengespräch BPM/BAM/CEP/SOA/EDA"

Runtinger Säle, Regensburg
12/13. Dezember 2006

more infos, pictures and downloads of the presentations...

News from October 4, 2006

Zweites internationales Symposium über Complex Event Processing und Business Activity Monitoring

"The second Event Processing symposium is scheduled to take place at Oracle Inc., Palo Alto, CA, November 7-9, 2006.”



Teilnahme am zweiten Symposium ist begrenzt und erfolgt auf Einladung.

News from October 4, 2006

Workshop at the Oracle Headquarters in Palo Alto/Redwood City before and during the 2nd CEP-Symposium from 6/11/06 to 11/10/06


News from September 10, 2006

SOA Days 2006, 20. und 21. September 2006, Bonn

"Integriertes Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) und Service Activity Monitoring (SAM) mittels Complex Event Processing (CEP)"


News from September 2, 2006

First International Workshop on Event-driven Architecture, Processing and Systems (EDA PS’06)

Chicago, USA
18. September 2006
Colocated with ICWS 2006 / SCC 2006



News from August 10, 2006

International Conference on Principles and Practices of Programming In Java (PPPJ 2006) of the University Mannheim


News from August 15, 2006

Queen Mary 2 Event bei TietoEnator Hamburg


Queen Mary 2

News from August 24, 2006

Artikel über CITT und die Kooperation mit den Regensburger und Oberösterreichischen Hochschulen in der Mittelbayrischen Zeitung


News from June 10, 2006

Lehrveranstaltung an der FH Oberöstereich SS06 mit der Deutschen Post und Interactive Objects

Titel: SOA / MDA / MDD


News from June 10, 2006

Fachtagung "3. Expertengespräch BPM/BAM/CEP/SOA"

Runtinger Säle, Regensburg
19./20. Juni 2006



News from May 1, 2006

Praktikum bei Coral8

Erste Berichte aus dem Praktikum bei Coral8


News from December 28, 2005

Besuch Stanford University

Informationen und Bilder zu unserem Besuch in Stanford bei Prof. David Luckham online!

weitere Infos...

News from December 21, 2005

Erstes internationales Symposium über Complex Event Processing und Business Activity Monitoring

"The first Event Processing symposium is scheduled to take place at IBM Research Labs., Yorktown Heights, NY, March 14-16, 2006. The goal is "community building" in the event processing arena. We will see how this venture proceeds as it is as yet early days. The organizing panel is Opher Etzion (IBM), Roy Schulte (Gartner), Mark Palmer (Progress/Apama) and Prof. Emeritus David Luckham/Stanford University.”

Teilnahme am ersten Symposium ist begrenzt und erfolgt auf Einladung.

Das CITT wird mit seinen Kooperationspartnern erste Case Studies vorstellen.

Vorläufige Agenda (pdf)

Letzte BPM/BAM-Expertengesprächsrunden

News from December 21, 2005
  • JAX 2006, 8.-12. Mai 2006
  • Business Integration Forum, 3.-6. April 2006
"Vom statischen Geschäftsprozess (mit ARIS eEPK) zum ausführbaren Geschäftsprozess (BPM) bis zum Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)"

Am Beispiel eines Geschäftsprozesses (auch live an einem mitgebrachten Beispiel aus dem Publikum) wird gezeigt, warum und wie der GP fein granularer und in der Regel neu modelliert werden muß, um zu einem ausführbaren GP in einer sogenannten Enterprise Plattform zu werden. An die Arbeitsschritte des GP werden Services gemäß einer SOA angeschlossen. Dabei werden verschiedene Verfahren wie Webservices, Apdapter gemäß J2EE Connector Architecture etc. verwendet. Zuletzt wird ein Business Activity Monitor angeschlossen, der z.B. die Key Performance Indikatoren misst und in einem Dashboard darstellt. Dabei werden Konzepte und der Stand der Kunst bzgl. Single Event Triggering, Realtime Event Daten-Verarbeitung, Event Streams Processing, Complex Event Processing und Event Abstracting gezeigt.

weitere Infos: JAX 2006
weitere Infos: Business Integration Forum

News from December 20, 2005

dynaTrace Take-Off Veranstaltung in Frankfurt/Main am 23. Februar 2006

Performance Optimierung von Java/J2EE und .NET Anwendungen. Diagnose, Testen, Tuning und Service Level Management

mehr ...

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