Internship at Oracle / SOPERA / Deutsche Post

"Non scholae sed vitae discimus!"

CITT was represented again in the US by us, Florian Springer and Christoph Emmersberger. We both had the great luck writing our thesis onsite at Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA. The topic of our thesis was the prototypical integration of the Oracle products

Oralce BPEL (Business Process Management)

Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and

OracleCEP (Complex Event Processing)
within the SOPERA system environment.

For evaluating the capabilities of the components, a business process regarding to shipment, investigation and claim was modeled and implemented based on a simplified schema of Deutsche Post AG.

The focus of the implementation was to use events for purpose of monitoring a business process.

While joining Oracle HQ we gained a lot of impressions onsite and met many interesting people who helped us on our pathway with their great ideas. For this time we would like to thank all of these great people. We made it getting some of these people in front of the camera and would like to introduce you with them.

Florian Springer, Dieter Gawlick, architect at Oracle, who’s current focus is leveraging and evolving database technologies to accelerate the evolution of event processing, and Christoph Emmersberger…

… again with Shailendra Mishra, the director of the Complex Event Processing department at Oracle HQ with his main interests in event data streams, pattern recognition, approximate query processing and data mining in event data streams,

and Clemens Utschig, who works currently within the Oracle SOA Product Management Team responsible for security aspects and cross product integration. Besides his job onsite he is a frequent speaker on conferences evangelizing either technology or the human factor as the two key aspects when introducing new concepts and shifts in corporate IT strategy.

Besides work we had still some time for doing some fun stuff like…

…sightseeing and having a funny Christmas tree…

… as well as riding the cable car and whatching the sunset…

… having a party with our friends Hans-Martin and David, who have been befor at Corel 8. Celebrating new years eve with some of our university friends …

… and doing probably one of the craziest things in our life and jumping out of a plane ;-)


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