Internship at Coral8 / TietoEnator

By us, Hans-Martin Brandl and David Guschakowski, CITT is again represented in California, the Mekka of Information Technologies. We are two students of the University of Applied Science in Regensburg and in the framework of an internship at Coral8 which is financed by TietoEnator we are going to gain experiences with the innovative technologies around CEP/ESP to realize them in a project for the norisbank.

Therefore the whole team of Coral8 around Mark Tsimelzon, President & CTO of Coral8, will help us actively to use the innovative Coral8-Engine most effectively. The Event-Patterns, which are necessary for the project, can be realized via this engine and queried continuously in real time. Thereby all relevant data can be processed by the Coral8 Server, which is a high optimized server filtering the incoming messages of the network via continuous queries.

After a successful completion of the research work we will represent the project to Prof. Emeritus David Luckham of the Stanford University in California to show the potentials of CEP and ESP in terms of technological implementations of BAM/BPM to analyze and discuss them.

Hans-Martin and David with Bob Hagman of Coral8...

and here with the President of Coral8, Mark Tsimelzon

This was the usual day in the office

And some impressions of their leisure time

Hansi in the streets of San Francisco...

.... the city of funny guys

American history at Pearl Harbor...

... and gambling time in Las Vegas


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